The 12 Best Dental Marketing Ideas for the New Year

Do you have a production goal for next year? Use these 12 best dental marketing ideas to create a fool-proof strategy for increased business

Creating an effective marketing strategy for your dental practice can drastically improve production and workflow. The tricky part is understanding your business goals and planning accordingly. Then you can choose the best dental marketing ideas that work for you. Continue reading “The 12 Best Dental Marketing Ideas for the New Year”

How To Create A Dental Hygienist Job Description

Looking to hire a new dental hygienist? Job description-writing can actually be fun!

After a popular dental hygienist left your practice for retirement, you were undoubtedly happy for them — and terrified about finding someone to fill his or her shoes. Now, you’ve been tasked with writing a dental hygienist job description that will attract the “perfect” candidate for your practice. Continue reading “How To Create A Dental Hygienist Job Description”

How to Create a Dental Employee Handbook

If you’re wondering how to compile a dental employee handbook, we can help you out.

Imagine this scenario: You’re working on a patient in one room, and you hear your hygienist and office manager arguing in another. They’re trying to figure out whether or not your staff is working on a particular holiday. Your office manager doesn’t have the date designated as a vacation day in the office schedule, but the hygienist, who’s worked for you longer, is positive no one worked the past few years. The conversation is escalating, and you can tell your patient is listening as well. Next, they both knock on your door, asking you to make the final decision. Continue reading “How to Create a Dental Employee Handbook”

Warning Signs of Dental Embezzlement in Your Office

Protect yourself and your business! Don’t become the victim of dental embezzlement

You went to school to become a dentist and worked hard to move up in your field. You eventually opened a private practice because you love what you do and want to provide quality dental care to as many patients as possible.

However, if you are like many dentists, you may have forgotten one important fact — when you opened your practice, you also became a small business owner. Small business owners must make the commitment to not just do what they do best — in your case, dentistry — but also stay on top of every single part of their business. Continue reading “Warning Signs of Dental Embezzlement in Your Office”

How to Be a Good Dental Assistant When You’re Already Overworked

Wondering how to be a good dental assistant? It may be easier than you think.

It takes a variety of dental professionals to ensure a practice is running smoothly: receptionists, dental hygienists, office managers, lab technicians, and of course, dentists. However, the dental assistant — you — has the added responsibility to act as the glue that holds the entire office together. As you know, dental assistants have a presence in nearly every part of the business and can truly play an integral part in making or breaking a dental practice. Continue reading “How to Be a Good Dental Assistant When You’re Already Overworked”

5 Periodontal Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Practice

Increase your monthly production with periodontal marketing that focuses on digital strategy and strengthening referral sources

As a periodontist, you know that running a successful practice takes more than having the skills to perform your job. Speciality dentistry is a business, just like any other. And to make your business grow, you have to know how to market your services. Getting more referrals and increasing production depends on it. Continue reading “5 Periodontal Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Practice”

A Dentist Appointment Letter Template You Can Reuse Over and Over Again

Trying to find a dentist appointment letter template? Look no further!

If you’re running the front end of a dental office, there’s a good chance you have many responsibilities. One of which is patient management. You greet them during check in, make appointments, process their claims, and help them reschedule any missed or cancelled appointments. Continue reading “A Dentist Appointment Letter Template You Can Reuse Over and Over Again”

6 Dental Patient Reactivation Techniques to Increase Profits

If your office is worried about how to tackle dental patient reactivation, we’re here to help!

Have you noticed an increase in cancelations or missed appointments when running office analytics? Are you wondering why your inactive patient list is growing? There are many reasons why patients become inactive. Some lose dental insurance through job changes. Other patients miss an appointment or two and become embarrassed to call and reschedule. Life gets busy, and sometimes, people simply forget to make hygiene appointments. Continue reading “6 Dental Patient Reactivation Techniques to Increase Profits”

10 Dental Scheduling Tips to Maximize your Profits

Employ these dental scheduling tips for more efficient chair turnover rates

Is your front office understaffed, like most dental practices? In many dental offices, administrative operations may be run by one person, and scheduling the dentists and hygienists is only one of her tasks. Her other responsibilities include processing claims, billing patients, and managing the staff, among many other duties. So how do we make her job easier to preform so that she can have less stress and higher productivity? Continue reading “10 Dental Scheduling Tips to Maximize your Profits”