Last Minute Tips For Celebrating National Dentist Day

March 6 is National Dentist Day. How are you going to celebrate?

As much as the idea of National Dentist Day is appealing, we have to face the fact that it isn’t incredibly likely that our patients will be dropping gifts and goodies at the office.

That means it’s up to you to celebrate the dentists in your office today.

When March 6 rolls up on the calendar, you’ll know it’s National Dentist Day, even if your client base doesn’t. And let’s be real, any excuse to celebrate the great vocation of dentistry is a good reason to have a little fun.

Throw a party for National Dentist Day

01-last-minute-tips-for-celebrating-national-dentist-dayThat’s right. Throw a party for your boss. Order pizza and soda and have an office party (then brush your teeth really well when you’re done). Share stories about how much you love working with your team. It may seem silly, but office camaraderie can go a long way in improving morale. In fact, customer service improves as well when the whole team is happy.

Schedule a fundraising event

Fundraising events are good for you and your community. Choose an organization to partner with and let them help you with the logistics. Call your local radio station to see if they will help you promote the event in their community calendar. The options for fundraising are nearly endless. Consider sponsoring a walk or handing out dental care packages toothbrushes and toothpaste at a local school.

One tip for getting the most from a philanthropic venture is to partner with an organization that complements your work. For instance, a pediatric dentist could partner with a school or preschool.

Don’t forget social media

Congratulate the dentists in your office, and your fellow dentists’ offices on your social media channels. Share a daily insight about dentistry leading up to National Dentist Day, and be sure to use the hashtag #NationalDentistDay.

Get your boss a gift

National Dentist DayWhy not pick up a little something for the dentists in your office? Perhaps a “World’s Best Dentist” coffee mug or some fun art for the office would be a nice way to show off some dental personality. After all, dentists are more than just a white coat with sharp tools!

Decorate the office

Everyone loves a surprise (within reason). If you can, decorate the office as a nice surprise for National Dentist Day. Festive decorations are relatively inexpensive, and can liven up almost any office. Have everyone in the office draw a picture or write a note on big, colorful construction paper and hang them up around the waiting room or the halls.

Not only can this be fun for your team, but it’s a good way to clue your patients in about the celebration.

Say thank you

03-last-minute-tips-for-celebrating-national-dentist-dayCelebrations don’t have to be extravagant to be meaningful. A heartfelt, “thank you” is more touching than a cake and card with no care behind it. A nice card with notes from everyone in the office can be all you need to shine a light on the hard work a dentist does.

Every day is National Dentist Day

Maybe not officially, but dentistry is one of those professions that gets a hard rap. Even people who love their dentist don’t always enjoy visiting. Take a few minutes each day to thank everyone in your office for their hard work and dedication to patients. A little appreciation goes a long way in bringing a team together.

Are you celebrating National Dentist Day? What ideas can you share with our readers? Let us know in the comments. 

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