Where Most Dental Software Programs Miss the Mark

Researching dental software programs for your practice? Many fall short of the newest and best user experiences.

Practice management is changing. More and more dental professionals are using technology to boost efficiency. That goes for financials, accounting, treatment planning, and even appointment setting. Dental software programs are moving in to meet demand and help practices streamline their front and back-end procedures.

But comparing software can be tough for dental professionals. There are many to choose from, and each offers different methods and features. If you want an accurate comparison between products, you need to know what the best programs offer today. The bar is rising.

Missing the mark: the 6 shortcomings of most dental software programs

1. They’re not cloud-based or easily integrated

01-where-most-dental-software-programs-miss-the-markInstalling loads of software into your computers isn’t necessary or practical anymore. These programs slow down computers and create a hassle for practices with more than one location. Access offsite is not available unless the company includes a downloadable app.

Cloud-based dental software programs allow for super-fast integration and access from multiple locations. Working within “the cloud” (or the internet) allows for greater freedom. Logging into the system is easy and offers secure and safe storage.

2. Scattered patient and office management between different programs 

Most dental software programs focus only on one type of management: patient or employee. They don’t offer all-in-one features. So where does that leave you?

You’re spending more money using several programs instead of using just one. Human resources, accounting, scheduling and treatment planning should be readily available in one place. Dental software programs should offer an easy way to manage all of these tasks, making you more time-efficient.

3. Don’t offer unique features that add value to their product 

02-where-most-dental-software-programs-miss-the-markDo you ever get the sense that all dental software programs are the same? Sure, there are features that every program should offer, but it’s better to have a tool with many uses.

Your software should be like a Swiss Army knife—it contains a variety of instruments, each with a purpose. Your average program will look more like a spork. A one-trick tool trying to look multi-faceted.

4. Customer support is minimal or non-existent 

Customer support is a huge part of the process for successfully integrating a new software tool into your practice. No matter how much training is available, there will always be questions to ask. It’s great to have a person to walk you through a problem, especially when you’re in the middle of a patient consultation.

5. Unable to access the tool from multiple devices or off-site 

dental software programsHave you ever needed to access your tool offsite or on a mobile device? Most software is limited to desktops and laptops. At best, the software can be accessed only with certain types of devices (iPhone, iPad, Surface, etc.).

With cloud-based software, accessing your information off-site, from any device, is a given. And it’s naturally versatile; you can use any type of phone or tablets.

6. Analytics and reporting are not available or insightful 

Want to know if your production levels are increasing month to month?

Analytics and reporting, for instance, allow for greater insights into your patients’ treatment plans. You can also track the performance of employees, keeping tabs on who is meeting goals and keeping up with standards.

Some dental programs don’t offer these features, leaving you to purchase an additional program. The last thing you want to is to purchase another type of software. Why not keep it all in one place?

What sets Umbie apart for other dental software programs?

We understand that every dentist is a health professional and entrepreneur. Your practice, at the end of the day, is a business. And it needs the right tools and functionality to run well. From patient care to employee management, we’ve fused your practice management into one tool. Our cloud-based software is unique and ahead of its class at every turn.

What’s your opinion? Do you have any questions about dental software programs? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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