8 Dental Magazines for Forward-Thinking Dentists and Specialists

Stay up to date on the latest research and practice news with these dental magazines

Unless you happen to be in a room full of dentists, most people wouldn’t know a bicuspid if it bit them. They certainly wouldn’t know what to do with the latest research on root canal calcification. So, if you want to “talk shop” you don’t always have the opportunity. Have you ever considered brushing up on your skills with dental magazines?

Dental magazines support your need to stay in tune with the latest research, practice news, legislative changes, and case studies. Most of these magazines and journals are heavy on the peer-reviewed studies, scientific citations, and charts. Others are on the lighter side, with practice development articles, business tips, or the freshest legislative actions that may affect the way you clean your tools.

8 Dental magazines you should be reading (if you aren’t already!)

Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA)

It’s no surprise that the Journal of the American Dental Association is one of the dental magazines on this list. JADA sets the standard for peer-reviewed research, practice management tips, and professional dental news.

You may already have a subscription to JADA. What you may not know is that you can view over 100 years of archived issues online, including the inaugural November 1913 edition. A lot has changed since then!

Dentistry Today

Dentistry Today is the general practitioner of dental magazines. They cover everything from pediatric dentistry to pharmacology to endodontics. Their website hosts hundreds of articles online, many of which are formatted as case studies, so they are easy to skim if you only have a few moments between patients.

Journal of Dental Research (JDR)

The Journal of Dental Research is a peer-reviewed scientific journal designed to serve dental health care professionals by sharing the latest research. Like JADA, the JDR has an online historical archive. To keep your staff in the know, share some of the newest articles at your next team meeting.

JDR is the publishing arm of the International Association of Dental Research.

Journal of Endodontics (JOE)

It wasn’t that long ago that a trip to the endodontist was almost as scary as a journey through Dante’s Inferno. Now, you’ve learned skills to calm your customers and keep them informed. It’s your job to stay abreast of new information as well. As endodontics is a quickly changing field, the Journal of Endodontics is here to help you keep up with research and best practices.

JOE publishes scientific articles covering the latest in root canal treatment procedures.

The Observer Magazine02-8 Dental Magazines for Forward-Thinking Dentists and Specialists-01

A dental practice does not run on dental procedures alone. We all know that dental office managers are the backbone of any practice – even if they let the dentist think otherwise.

The Observer Magazine is the professional publication for you hard working and tireless dental office managers. Catch up on the latest news regarding practice management, customer service, and the economics of running an office.


Future dental professionals have questions. Mouth is dedicated to answering those inquiries and preparing the next generation for successful, patient-centered careers. While every quarterly issue is themed, all issues cover the basics with information on opening a practice, office management, patient retention, and more.

Dental Abstracts

You want the latest in scientific research, but there is so much information available that it’s tough to know where to begin. Dental Abstracts is here to rescue you.

Dental Abstracts sources information from over 120 medical journals to find the most relevant abstracts relating to oral health. Of all dental magazines, this one will give you a plethora of choices for reading material.

Pediatric Dentistry Today (PDT)03-8 Dental Magazines for Forward-Thinking Dentists and Specialists-01

Pediatric Dentistry Today is the members’ magazine for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Pediatric specialists stay up to date on the latest legislative and technical news with the help of this journal.

There is information for non-specialists, as well. Recent issues covered topics as diverse as insurance, medical coding, and evidence-based dentistry.

What are some of your favorite dental magazines? This list is just a small sampling of the great journals out there. Share with our readers in the comments!

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