8 Dental Practice Management Tips That Reduce Turnover

Dental practice management tips for getting employees to love their jobs and enjoy coming to work

If you run a successful dental practice, you know the key to continued growth is having a team of satisfied and motivated employees you trust working for you. Losing good employees can be a huge blow to any business. Dental turnover shakes up staff and creates more work for everyone. If you want to retain quality hygienists and front office staff, these dental management tips will be the key to keeping your staff on your payroll for years to come.

8 dental practice management tips to make sure your employees stick around

1. Hire the right people

When you’re looking to hire a new employee, there’s nothing wrong with being picky. Before even announcing the open position, create a very specific job description to measure candidates up against. Only you will know who the ideal employee is for your practice, but some qualities you should look for include previous experience, positive attitude, and willingness to learn.

2. Take the initiative to fire employees who don’t fit

If you have an employee who continues to get written up – or worse, someone who has stolen from you – make the commitment to let that person go, rather than keeping an underperforming employee on your team. Why? There’s nothing that ruins team spirit more than one employee who doesn’t measure up. Your qualified and hard-working employees will feel bitter that the underperforming employee isn’t held to the same standards as the rest of the team.

01_reduceturnover_money3. Compensate your employees for hard work

If you pay your employees a competitive wage, they won’t look elsewhere for employment. In fact, the biggest reason employees seek employment elsewhere is due to compensation issues. When was the last time you reflected on your payroll? Are your hygienists and front office staff making competitive wages? Do you regularly give raises based on performance and cost-of-living? If it’s been a while since your employees salaries were reviewed, make this task a priority.

01_reduceturnover_xray4. Offer competitive benefits

The benefits you offer should enhance the employee’s compensation package. With all the changes in health insurance, your employees want comprehensive and affordable benefit packages from their employers. You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to offering benefits, but consider supplementing your compensation packages with benefits such as retirement plans and flexible spending accounts.

Another way to boost your benefits package is to offer generous leave policies. Take a look at how much vacation, personal, and sick time you offer your employees. Is it enough for them to have a positive work-life balance?

01_reduceturnover_trophy5. Reward employees for accomplishments

Acknowledge the efforts of employees who go above and beyond the requirements listed in their job description. There are many ways you can do this. If you have a large dental practice, it might be good to start highlighting an “employee of the month.” You can interview and showcase your monthly winner in a company newsletter that gets sent to your patients.

If your dental practice is small, make the effort to mention any employee accomplishments in the next morning’s team huddle. Just a few words of acknowledgment can go a long way.

01_reduceturnover_trophy dental practice management tips6. Offer training or growth opportunities

You want your hygienists to be up-to-date on all new dental techniques, right? You also want your front office staff to be trained on how to use your dental practice software.

Encourage your employees to attend any trainings related to their positions. Better yet, pay for the classes or trainings. Of all these dental practice management tips, this suggestion will show you your best return on investment.

Performance evaluations are another way to measure and encourage employee growth. Instead of looking at a review in a negative light, have your staff come up with a list of ways they can improve in their position. Work one-on-one with them to figure out ways you can help your employees achieve their goals.

01_reduceturnover_group7. Plan group activities

According to a recent Society for Human Resource Management survey, 44% of employees felt that relationships with co-workers were “very important” to their job satisfaction. People want to work in an environment they feel safe and supported, and they want to get along with the people they spend their waking hours with.

So, how do you encourage positive co-worker relationships? One way is to plan group activities so that everyone in the office knows one another and looks forward to working together every day. These get-togethers could be as simple as team meetings or more fun and complex, like a summer softball team or a quarterly potluck.

8. Mediate employee conflicts

Even if your employees get along well most of the time, there will occasionally be conflict in the office. It’s up to you to manage employee relations before a minor irritation or misunderstanding develops into a practice-wide problem. When employees are frustrated, they’ll be distracted, and service will suffer.

These dental practice management tips will not only help prevent turnover in your office, but it will keep your employees satisfied with their jobs and willing to work harder for you. Invest in your employees, and you’ll never have to worry about turnover again.

What dental practice management tips would you add to this list? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments!

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