5 Great Dental Podcasts Worth Listening To

Whether you need inspiration or practical tips, these dental podcasts have something for you

Everyone loves a good story. Human history is based on the oral tradition. From Beowulf to Sundiata, storytellers give us a link to our past, and keys to our future. But what does storytelling have to do with dentistry? We can also learn from the art of the story. In fact, dental podcasts are an ideal blend of storytelling and learning.

Anyone who has ever listened to a good TED Talk can tell you how entrancing a short lecture is. TED is well-known for producing incredible content that expands our minds and inspires us. A Prairie Home Companion is renowned for wholesome entertainment.

The best dental podcasts approach your industry in the same way. Entertainment and information combine to keep you engaged while finding out the latest industry news.

What to look for in dental podcasts


There is no hard and fast rule for what the best dental podcasts are. If you are new to dentistry or running your practice, you have different needs than if you are close to retirement. You may find that a short podcast coincides well with your morning commute, or that you want a long podcast for a lunch break.

Once you find what you’re looking for, you wont be disappointed. Your whole team might even enjoy listening with you.

Five great dental podcasts

dental podcasts

1. ADA Science Podcast 

It’s only fitting to put this podcast at the top of the list. The ADA Science Podcast covers topics from prophylactic antibiotics and patients with prosthetic joints to incorporating evidence-based dentistry into your practice. This podcast is free on iTunes, and they average about 20 minutes in length.

2. The Relentless Dentist

The Relentless Dentist has a back catalog of nearly 100 free podcasts on iTunes. These dental podcasts are about 30 to 40 minutes each, though there are some that come in close to an hour, and a few that are under 15 minutes. This podcast is full of special guests and leaders in the field of dentistry and business.

The Relentless Dentist also covers a very wide range of topics, from celebrating patients to increasing production, and from stress reduction to embezzlement.

3. Dentistry Uncensored

Dr. Howard Farran has over 300 podcasts available in the iTunes store and on his website. Dr. Farran and his guests cover almost any dental business topic imaginable, from social media to financial issues to endodontics. Most of the podcasts run about 50 minutes.

4. The Thriving Dentist 

Gary Takacs isn’t a dentist, but that might be even more reason to listen to this podcast. There are over 200 episodes of The Thriving Dentist show dating back to 2011. In that time, Takacs has garnered 90 five-star reviews for his podcast focusing on helping you build a thriving and successful dental practice.

5. The Dental Hacks Podcast 

This podcast isn’t for everyone. The Dental Hacks podcast is known for irreverent humor and stellar interviews. This is the dentists’ answer to “Car Talk” – practical and useful, and injecting the “fun” into dental fundamentals.

Bonus dental podcasts


These podcasts aren’t designed specifically for dentists, but they do contain a lot of practical tips for running a business or for general inspiration.

The #AskGaryVee Show 

Gary Vaynerchuck covers the topics every entrepreneur should know. These podcasts are full of practical, actionable tips to help market your business in an easy, low-cost way.


We just mentioned TED Talks, but consider this your reminder. The TED speakers are all outstanding in their field; from art to astrophysics, these podcasts are sometimes emotional, sometimes hilarious, and always thought-provoking.

Star Talk Radio 

Neil deGrasse Tyson has an amazing ability to turn the most complicated concepts of space and time into wonderfully engaging and fascinating stories. With Star Talk Radio, Tyson and his guests explore creativity, the multiverse, and, of course, science.

What are some of your favorite dental podcasts? What about other podcasts? Let us know in the comments. 

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