A Dentist Appointment Letter Template You Can Reuse Over and Over Again

Trying to find a dentist appointment letter template? Look no further!

If you’re running the front end of a dental office, there’s a good chance you have many responsibilities. One of which is patient management. You greet them during check in, make appointments, process their claims, and help them reschedule any missed or cancelled appointments.

If you’re manually calling patients or writing postcards out by hand to remind them about the importance of dental care, you understand just how much time you could save by streamlining your processes with a dental appointment letter template for snail mail and email. Once this letter is created, it simply needs to be personalized, and you can use it time and time again.

What needs to be in a dentist appointment letter template?

  • 01_appointmentletter_dateAppointment date and time: The most important information you can provide in a reminder mailing is the date and time of the scheduled appointment. In fact, if you’re sending these letters to families, you might want to include a list of all future scheduled appointments in the footer of your letter. By doing this, it’s likely all appointments will get transferred to the family calendar.


  • Location: If your dental practice has multiple sites, be sure to list exactly which location your patient is scheduled for. There’s a chance that they scheduled an appointment to be closer to their work or home even though it’s not their normal location. They might have forgotten doing so. You not only want your patients to show up on time, you want them to go to the right place, too.


  • Reminders: Do you need your patients to bring their insurance cards so that you can update your records? How about a list of any medications or supplements they take regularly? Maybe you require all of your patients to arrive early to update their files. Be sure to include a section asking your patients for exactly what you need from them.


  • Dental practice news: Have you recently updated the office? Maybe you now offer in-room televisions for all dental appointments, or your waiting room has been redone. Maybe your practice is moving to a new location or you’ve added an additional practitioner. If you don’t have any updates to share with your patients, consider including interesting dental facts. This section gives you the opportunity to bring more character to the letter. Just make sure to update this every time you send out messages in bulk, whether it be monthly or quarterly.


  • Office contact information: Don’t leave your patients guessing on how they can get in touch with you. If you’re sending out bulk reminder letters, there’s a good chance you’ll contact a few people who can no longer make their scheduled appointments. If it’s easy to get in touch with the office, they’re more likely to call right away to reschedule.

Here is a sample dentist appointment letter template you can use and alter to fit your practice’s needs.


Patient Name

Street Address

City, State Zip

Dear Patient Name,

This is to confirm your dental appointment with us on (date) at (time) at our (location) office. We look forward to seeing you!

If you are covered by a dental reimbursement plan, please bring your insurance form to the appointment. We want to make sure that we have all the correct medical information for you on file. If you are taking any medicine, please come prepared with a list of medications and dosage amounts. Please let us know if there have been any changes to your health since your last visit.

(Here is where you can include any dental practice news, such as updates to the office, patient-oriented upgrades, or dental facts. For example, do you know that no two humans share the same set of teeth? Your teeth are as unique as a fingerprint! )

If you have any questions prior to your visit, we’d be happy to answer them. There are several ways you can get in touch with us. We are always available by e-mail at (your email address) or you can give us a call at (xxx) xxx-xxxx. We also have a very detailed website; please visit us at (your website address).


Dentist Name and Team

Now you have a dentist appointment letter template you can personalize for your office

Here’s a few more things you should consider when using it:

  • Collect email addresses for new and old patients, and send these reminders via email, too.
  • Set aside time monthly to prepare these mailings. Remember, this dentist appointment letter template is meant to make your job easier!
  • When using this template in snail mail, remember to use your dental practice letterhead when printing each appointment reminder.
  • Make sure to send your letters early enough so that your patients receive them with time to spare. Don’t send them too early that they disregard or lose the mailing.


Do you have any suggestions on what to add to a dental appointment letter template? If so, let us know in the comments!

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