6 Dental Branding Mistakes You Never Want To Make

Thinking about a re-brand for your practice? That’s a great idea, but make sure you avoid these dental branding mistakes at all costs.

Giving your practice a well-defined brand is the starting point for marketing success. A great brand makes you stand out. It gives your marketing material vision and purpose. It also communicates your uniqueness, personality, and service quality. Here’s one thing to keep in mind: dental branding mistakes are easy to fall into and will create huge problems.

Chart a course before you begin. Learn the pitfalls and steer clear of them. Most mistakes are easy to avoid once you know them.

Dental branding mistake #1: You believe strategy is for product pushers, not dental professionals

There’s a common misconception that branding is only for big businesses. That belief couldn’t be further from the truth. Every organization, business, or practice benefits from a defined brand. Separate yourself from your competitors.

Don’t think of branding as a marketing ploy; your brand communicates your practice’s personality and vision. You already know that marketing is crucial to any practice, and branding is essential to consistent, clear marketing.

Dental branding mistake #2: You hire a friend or relative to create your brand

You’ve decided to hire your brother-in-law to design a logo for the brand idea you came up with. He did a few freelance gigs when he was in college a few years ago. He has a good eye for design, so why not? He’ll save you money and time.

That’s a mistake. Don’t think of your practice’s brand as a freelance job. You’ll end up with a mediocre design which will influence mediocre results.

Hire a professional who is currently working in brand design and has proven experience. Work with qualified experts to achieve the results you want. Invest in your practice’s future.

Dental branding mistake #3: You don’t get a second and third opinion on before you implement

You’ve nailed down a name, logo, and materials for your practice. You’ve spent some money, invested a few months of time, and now you’re ready to make the change. Here’s one problem: you haven’t received a second and third opinion from trusted sources.

When we put a lot of work into something, it’s tough to see past its inherent faults. However, with a decision as big as your brand design, it’s important to ask for feedback. If you’re not receiving criticism and making adjustments before the launch, you’ll feel the repercussions after it’s too late.

Dental branding mistake #4: Your brand doesn’t communicate a unique selling proposition

This mistake is a serious focal point in branding. A unique selling proposition is what your practice does better than everyone else. It’s how you set yourself apart from the local competition

Ask yourself: what do I want my practice to be known for? Focus on service, expertise, certain procedures, or something else that sets you apart. Do you specialize in pediatric dentistry? Do you offer in room technology, such as televisions? Use what makes you stand out in developing your brand.

Not having a selling point is one of the worst dental branding mistakes to make. Even if you have a great logo and name.

Dental branding mistake #5: Your message is not consistent on every piece of marketing material

Once you nail down a brand, it’s important that you stick to it. Define the parameters and profile of that brand and keep it consistent on every piece of material or content it shows up on.

  • The brand “voice” of your content across blog posts, web writing, print materials, website design, etc.
  • The color palette of your logo design
  • The fonts and typography of your copy
  • The tag lines and bylines for your brand

All of these make up the whole of your consistent brand message. It should stay the same and be recognizable on any material it shows up on.

Dental branding mistake #6: You don’t educate your current patients about your re-brand process

Don’t take your current patients by surprise. Educate them on your re-branding process. Without prior notice, a complete re-brand can lead to unease for patients. They’re not sure what changes are coming, or why they’re happening. If they get confused, they’ll start looking for other options.

Your best bet is to keep them updated with the changes. Send a few emails leading up to the change and hand out information in the office. If you explain the reasons behind the brand relaunch and assure your patients that your practice will still deliver the same great service, there shouldn’t be any issues.dental branding mistakes

Don’t let these mistakes trip you up—understand the pitfalls and chart a course before you begin

Proper planning is the essential ingredient to an effective brand strategy. If you can learn from other people’s mistakes, you won’t have to go through the struggle yourself. Set a goal date to have your re-brand up and running. Figure out what you want in the brand name, message, and design, and don’t hire a family member to create it on weekends.

Do you have any dental branding mistakes to share with our readers? Let us know in the comments!

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