How to Approach Dental Implant Marketing: 3 Major Benefits Clients Want to Hear

Effective dental implant marketing can be the driving force that brings new patients to your office

Dental implants haven’t always been the first option for your patients. In the past, you’ve probably opted for root canals, crowns, bridges, and removable partial dentures. However, the technology behind dental implants has vastly improved over time, and now, they are considered to be an attractive choice for patients dealing with tooth decay or damage — and an even more attractive choice for your bottom line.

The hardest part about dental implants is getting the word out about this service, and reaching the right potential patients. One of the best ways to go about doing this is to implement a dental implant marketing plan that can help you organize the way you want to shine a light on your dental practice.

Call Attention to Risks of Competing Dental Procedures

The potential clients you’re trying to reach with your marketing are likely already aware that they have a dental problem that needs attention. If that is the case, their dentist may have already spoken with them about undergoing a root canal, which is considered to be the next best option. In your marketing, highlight the risks of root canals for certain patients and why dental implants may prove to be a better long-term choice.

You could include points such as:

  • Dental implants are usually very predictable, while problems can still arise after a root canal.
  • Root canals are less expensive upfront, but if there is recurrent decay, infection, or the tooth is fractured, the costs over a lifetime can be much greater.
  • Anything you have experienced firsthand in your years of practice that have proven to you why dental implants are safer than root canals.
  • Cost can be a big determining factor for individuals, but so can the risk factor. If you communicate the risks of root canals to potential patients, they may be more inclined to choose a dental implant and contact you for assistance.

Dental Implant Marketing is All About the Right Messaging

When business owners begin thinking about marketing, their minds usually turn to the types of marketing mediums they may want to invest in — for example, TV, radio, print, pay-per-click ads, blogging, etc. Before that becomes a topic of conversation, however, it is essential to consider messaging, or how you talk to potential clients in your marketing.

As a dental specialist, your first inclination may be to talk about the science or technology sides of dental implants. You need to remember, though, that you are not marketing to other dentists. You are marketing to people who, for the most part, have no real professional knowledge of your field. They don’t care about how you do what you do — they care about how you’re going to make them feel and how dental implants would improve their lives. Speak their language.

Promote: Logical Benefits of Dental Implants

01_dentalimplant_carrotThere are some very compelling benefits behind dental implants that would appeal to potential patients in your marketing efforts.

Speech: Dental work, especially dentures, can affect the way a person speaks. Dental implants, however, allow an individual to continue to speak clearly without slurring, lisping, or mumbling.

Comfort: Dental implants aren’t annoying extra mouth hardware — they truly become part of the mouth, and patients can feel comfortable knowing they will not slip or fall out like dentures can.

Eating: With the problem tooth removed, and a permanent dental implant in its place, eating any type of food should be no problem.

Promote: The Vanity Side of Dental Implants

02_dentalimplant_fancyWhile a patient considering a dental implant is trying to be logical about their decision, it’s hard not to let vanity come into play as well. The person wants to feel better, but most people would rather not give up parts of their physical appearance in the process. Tout the benefits of:

Improved self-esteem: When you know your smile looks great, you can’t help but feel good about yourself. That added boost of confidence can add a lot to a person’s self-esteem.

Appearance: Some dental work can leave patients with unfortunate, visible repercussions. Dental implants blend right in with other real teeth and look totally natural.

03_dentalimplant_brush_teeth dental implant marketingPromote: Dental Implant Health and Hygiene

Dental implant patients also want to be sure that their decision will not negatively impact their health. Share reasons why dental implants are healthy and hygienic — for example, because they allow more teeth to stay intact, which improves long-term oral health.

The Secret to Dental Implant Marketing Lies with Your Clients

You went to school to work in dentistry — not marketing. Don’t let that mindset stop you, however, from implementing a solid dental implant marketing plan. Marketing is all about getting in the head of your potential clients and thinking about what they need, want, and fear.

Not sure about what potential clients need, want, and fear? Listen to your current clients…they’ve probably already told you a million different times in many different ways. If you’re having a mental block, don’t be afraid to ask your patients for their opinions! Most will be happy to share their feelings about why they decided to get a dental implant, what they feel the benefits are, and why they chose you.

Adjust your messaging to tap into those basic feelings and it’s hard to go wrong.

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What has been the hardest part about dental implant marketing for you and your practice? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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