7 Dental Logos We Love & Why They Stand Out

Fine tune your name recognition with dental logos that tell a story.

When you open or rebrand a dental practice, there are many choices that need to be made. How should you design the office? What will you name the practice? Everything you choose presents an idea to the public. The most visible portion is your logo. Dental logos tell your patients what they can expect from your aesthetic.

Logos can share a story, identify a product, or express a company’s personality. Coca-Cola is one of many examples of the power a logo carries. The Target and Apple logos are also well-known. These brands don’t even use the company name, and will still get recognized.

Dental logos are every bit as important as the big name logos, and for the very same reasons. You want your patients to recognize your group and feel connected to your aesthetic.

A graphic designer can help you rebrand or create your logo. Here are some of our favorite dental logos to help you with inspiration and ideas.dental logos

Art of Modern Dentistry

The Art of Modern Dentistry is a Chicago-area dental practice that prides itself on using state of the art technology. Their offices are indeed modern, with inviting architectural elements and considerable natural light.

Their logo reflects this ideal with light colors and smoothly curving lines. It also expresses a relaxed attitude with the cool colors in the text and background.


McLean Family Dentistry03-Dental Logos We Love & Why They Stand Out-01 

There is a classic feel to McLean Family Dentistry’s logo, and the cursive font gives the logo a traditional identity.

The tree represents a community affiliation that you get with a dental practice founded by a lifelong resident.

McLean Family Dentistry invites families into a personalized practice. The inviting colors and design of the logo put that invitation on display.


Minovi Dental

04-Dental Logos We Love & Why They Stand Out-01You can’t help but enjoy Minovi Dental’s logo.Despite the simplicity, this logo is pure genius. The simple design includes the practice’s initials and a huge smiley face.

Look at it for a minute and try not to smile.

The banner style also lends a studious and serious aura, for dental patients who may not be swayed by the smile.


The Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

dental logosThe Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry’s logo is a clear indicator of their target market and aesthetic. The lion on a shield is symbolic of royalty, protection, and strength.

This logo hits the mark in a big way; Dr. Debra Gray King and her team work with celebrities such as Paul Stanley of KISS, members of The Commodores, and professional athletes.

International Center for Dental Excellence

05-Dental Logos We Love & Why They Stand Out-01-01Dr. Yolanda Cintron, and her team in Fort Lauderdale, Florida have a logo that stands out.

The colors are reminiscent of lavender and calm skies. The white tooth in front of the muted background gives the logo depth.

In fact, the tooth is more like a tooth impression. The curved and unconnected lines add the impression of comfort and softness – which is exactly what many people look for in a dentist.

It is also slightly hypnotic, and gives the impression of movement. And it almost guarantees that if you see this logo anywhere on the internet, you’ll know who it belongs to.



Sacramento Natural Dentistry 06-Dental Logos We Love & Why They Stand Out-01

Some dental logos tell you everything you need to know about a practice. Sacramento Natural Dentistry’s logo is one of them.

Yes, the tree and the roots suggest a natural approach to dentistry. The text brings the suggestion home. But this logo has subtle touches that move this from good to great.

There is the “smile” shape of the text. The colors suggest the four seasons, and hence, a whole system approach to dentistry.


Park West Dental Care 07-Dental Logos We Love & Why They Stand Out-01

The logo for Park West Dental Care is relaxing. It’s easy to imagine sitting on that park bench underneath the shade of a tree. There is a comforting quietness to the design.

The colors also match the website in a way that makes the logo a cohesive part of the visual landscape.


Dental logos may not make or break your practice, but they do give your future patients an expectation of your overall aesthetic. However, if you’re in an especially competitive market, a good logo might be just what you need to stand out. Make an investment in a skilled graphic designer to create the perfect dental logo for your practice.

What do you think is the most important aspect in designing dental logos? Do you have any favorites? If so, share them (and your thoughts) in the comments!

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