A Dental Video Marketing Guide For Attracting Millennials

Millennials are an untapped patient base. Here’s how to attract young audiences with dental video marketing

Dental video marketing is an engaging, modern strategy. It’s the medium that millennials use the most (think YouTube, Netflix, online streaming, etc.). As a dentist, you have to think of your practice as a business. You are competing for younger, digitally-driven patients in your area. If you know how to market to that audience with video content, you’ll gain their interest and loyalty.

Different types of video content you should have in your marketing mix

Regardless of the audiences you are trying to reach, video content should be on the “active” roster of your current marketing mix. Video is engaging and easy to digest. Done correctly, dental video marketing will show your practice as friendly, authentic, and focused on a particular brand message.

One of the main benefits of video content is its utility. If you go into it with a plan, you can re-purpose, combine, and divide your videos into different segments, and promote them over various platforms. Here are the essential types of content you should include on your website:

Introduce your practice with an overview message. This is the video that sits front and center on the homepage of your website. It’s the first thing your web visitors see when the page loads, and it gives an overview of your practice and its message. A quick checklist of what to include in this type of content:

  • Try to keep the video under three minutes long.
  • Give a non-scripted, authentic interview (you are the face of the practice).
  • Show staff members performing dental work on patients.
  • Promote the technology you use within the practice on a day to day basis.

Patient testimonials show viewers you are trustworthy. They’re non-scripted interviews with your current patients. They’re short and sweet, but focused on why they trust and respect you as a dentist and what makes them stay. The best testimonials tell a story, so try to capture a patient’s personal story on camera.

Dental education videos demonstrate your expertise. They’re meant to provide an answer for people who may have complications with their teeth and are looking for treatment information. You can explain these procedures with diagrams or with computer graphics.

How to create content that speaks directly to young professionals and millennials

Creating your videos with millennials in mind is a smart idea. Think about what a younger audience wants to see. Be specific with your approach and focus on the benefits, features, or experiences that millennials are searching for.

Here are the top five things millennials like to see in dental video marketing:

  1. Authenticity. Your videos are professional, but not overly promotional. Young people are saturated with video content in many facets of their lives. They can tell the difference between a genuine portrayal of a dental practice and fake, advertise-y material.
  2. Modern practices and technology. Millennials don’t necessarily seek out tech-savvy dentists, but technology will catch their interest if they see it. Showing a hygienist presenting treatment plans on an iPad relates to younger crowds.
  3. Young clientele testimonials. Think about the video testimonials you include on the website. Are any of them featuring a 20-something professional? Show your viewers that younger individuals choose your practice, too.
  4. Transparency. Everyone wants to know what to expect upfront. Millennials have no patience for hidden fees, misinterpreted language, or marketing material that is misleading. Always be straightforward with your messages.
  5. Affordability. You’re marketing to an audience that’s just beginning to purchase their own insurance. They’re not looking to spend a lot of money at the dentist. Pricing and rates are always on their minds, and you need to put them at ease.

Ways to market your video content to get in front of millennial viewers

So now that you’re thinking about creating fantastic videos that target millennials, how do you plan to market them? Think like a marketer and consider how your audience seeks information. Where and how do they spend their time online? What’s their process for researching local dental practices?

If a young person can’t find your video content easily, they’re not going to search for it, and your hard work will go unnoticed. So, how can you get in front of these viewers and market your content effectively?

Start by modernizing your website and making it responsive to mobile readers. Millennials spend a lot of time on their phones. Not only for texting and playing Candy Crush, but also to search the web. If your website is not responsive to hand-held devices, you’re going to discourage these people from watching or reading your content.

  • Always include video content on the homepage. You want to catch the attention of your readers right off the bat. Millennials won’t spend time on your website if they find it boring. Give them a reason to stay and learn more.
  • Promote videos on your social media accounts. Utilize your Facebook and Twitter profiles as much as you can. Same goes for Instagram and Pinterest. It’s likely they’ll check these accounts for reviews and comments.
  • Utilize SEO to get your video to show up search results. The best way to do this for video content is to write a script that targets long-tail, local-focused keywords. Include the script with the video so search engines can recognize the content and index it properly.

Dental video marketing is the best way to reach millennials, but don’t forget to focus the content on your audience

Remember that dental video marketing runs on the same principles of other forms of marketing—you have to target your audience with specific content. Videos are an excellent way to catch attention, but if you want to have an effect on millennial viewers, you need to create it with their demographic in mind.

Do have any thoughts about dental video marketing for younger audiences? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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