Dental Web Page Design Ideas Your Competition Hasn’t Tried

Trying to make your dental web page design more unique and effective? Here are six ideas your competition hasn’t picked up yet

When it comes to dental web page design, many dentists don’t know where to begin. But one thing is for certain: they want their websites to generate more business. If you’re considering a website revamp, it’s time to start thinking like an online marketer.

Imagine your website as the “digital doorway” to your practice. How do people find information on local dentists? They search online. They look for your website, view your reviews, read your content, and, hopefully, schedule an appointment. In today’s world, you need a unique, high-performing website to connect with patients.

Vitalize your dental web page design with 6 marketer-proven ideas

1. Be responsive to mobile readers

We are barreling face-first into the age of mobile interaction. Your future and current patients use their phones to search for answers (via Google, of course). So your website needs to cater to these audiences.

Imagine: a referral searches for your practice on her phone. She opens up the link, but what does she find?

Good scenario: a responsive, user-friendly experience. She views every page with ease, and can interact with features (like filling out a web form) without problems.

Bad scenario: the website is slow to load and not properly formatted. She has to zoom in on every page to read the content and gets frustrated quickly. She exits the browser and doesn’t return.

2. Influence your audience to take action

You have to imagine your website as a “digital doorway” to your practice. You want to make the doorway look nice and easy to open. How do you accomplish that?

Include a call-to-action (CTA) on every web page. Point your readers towards the next step.01-Dental Web Page Design Ideas Your Competition Hasn't Tried-01

Here are a few examples of CTAs that your web pages should include, usually as a button, which takes them to a landing page

  • Schedule your appointment
  • Request your free consultation
  • Sign-up for our newsletter
  • Connect with us! (social media buttons)

The bottom line is that you should include these CTAs on every page and make them easy to find. A nice trick is to use contrasting colors for your CTA button. For example, if your website has a light blue and yellow color scheme, make your call-to-action orange—make it stick out!

3. Ditch run-of-the-mill stock photos

You have seen it a million times: repetitious, fake, boring stock photos. Everyone is smiling (that’s good), but they don’t seem real. It’s too “advertise-y.” Of course, you want the pictures to look good and evoke positive emotions, but some just go too far. Agreed?

Instead, try something your competition doesn’t do: ask your patients if they would be willing to smile for the camera. Or your employees. Or even your friends and family. The bottom line is to make your photos genuine (and professionally done).

4. Qualify your leads with simple web forms

The architecture of your dental web page design should focus on style and function. In terms of style, it should look fresh, clean, unique, and inviting. But function should never be left behind—the main goal of your website is to attract more patients!

One way to qualify new patients during the online “sales process” is to provide them a simple web form. They fill it out with necessary information, and then your staff follows up. Sounds easy, right?

But how many times have you seen web forms that ask for your life story? Their big, tedious, and scare people away.

Pro tip: keep your web forms short. Ask only for the minimal information needed to follow up.

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Phone number
  • Comments

Besides those five essential details, you can add a few “optional” questions that may be useful for you.

  • How did you hear about us?
  • What’s your main reason for setting an appointment?
  • Are you interested in one of our promotions?

5. Showcase positive experiences to build trust and interest

02-Dental Web Page Design Ideas Your Competition Hasn't Tried-01A referral is a powerful aspect of marketing. It comes in several forms: reviews, testimonials, word-of-mouth, endorsements, etc.

As a dentist, you have to pay attention to public opinions. A spectacular review can propel a person to schedule her first appointment; a bad review can have the opposite effect.

Start promoting reviews on your website. Consider different tactics to incorporate them into your dental web page design:

  • Highlight your best reviews and testimonials. Include a professional picture for each with their first name. These details add value and believability.
  • Ask patients for 30-second video testimonials and promote them on your website. Hire a videographer to edit the footage and splice together the clips.

6. Educate your reader with useful content

When it comes to online experiences, content is king. But not every piece of content should be “selling” your services. Displaying your expertise, with the single purpose of educating your readers, is a more effective way to gain trust.

To keep your dental web page design top-notch, create a “resource page” that explains your services. List each procedure and then expound on them. Give details of how the procedure is done, who needs it, and what the main benefit is.

It’s also a smart idea to include videos. Using graphics to explain a procedure helps patients understand web page design

Lastly, start a blog. Brainstorm a few insightful posts your patients will find useful, and try to publish on a regular schedule.

Both of these web pages should be included on the “pages” tabs at the top of the screen for easy access.

The key for a fantastic dental web page: design that equally weighs style and function

Building a “perfect” website is not a realistic goal. The market is always changing and new methods come along. Success in your design is an on-going, long-term process. Just remember to focus on style and function—not one or the other. You want your website to stand out, but also drive in new patients.

What do you think about dental web page design? Do you have any tips to share with us? Let us know in the comments!

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