Dentist Testimonials: How to Ask for Reviews from Your Customers Without Being Pushy

Dentist testimonials will promote your practice better than any paid advertising.
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Prospective patients rely on other people’s positive experiences to give them comfort about choosing a dentist. They want to know that others in their community who have been serviced by you found value in your people and practice. Dentist testimonials can help you attract untouched prospects, land a referral, or even acquire a whole family of patients. Unfortunately, many practitioners either don’t know how to ask for dental testimonials or might not feel comfortable asking.

Likewise, while many of your patients may be willing to provide a testimonial for you, they most likely won’t do so without first being asked. It’s up to you to take the initiative and request an endorsement, especially if you know your patient has had a good experience.

When to ask for a dentist testimonial

You may hesitate to ask for dental testimonials if you are worried about interfering with the patient’s experience while on site or if some time has passed since their visit. Try asking repeat patients for dentist testimonials as they arrive rather than after the visit when they are paying or may be experiencing some discomfort from their procedure. If they are a long-time patient, there is a reason they keep coming back. Find out why, and use that information to your advantage.

Tips for asking for a dentist testimonial in person

Asking your patients when you are face-to-face in the office is an extremely effective way to acquire their feedback while you and your practice are top-of-mind. Allow them to talk about why they like coming to you, and be prepared to capture what they say. Make sure you let them know you may be publishing their comments on your dental brochure or online, and read back their statements to ensure you are accurately quoting them.

Capitalize on good visits02-Dentist Testimonials- How to Ask for Reviews-01

Make the most of a no-cavity visit. Have your staff pay attention to body language and casual comments during your patients visit, from hygienist to imaging technician, good rapport is important to gaining trust. If your patient seems content or pleased, your staff should take the opportunity to thank them and start a conversation that will lead to possible dentist testimonials.

Here are some examples:

“I am so happy for you that you have no cavities. Your regular visits and dental care are paying off. Would you be willing to jot down a comment about your experience with us that we might use to help other patients feel good about coming here?”

“Your teeth look beautiful, and I’m so happy that you’re pleased with the (insert procedure here). Would you be willing to share your thoughts about your experience with us that we might use to encourage others to have this done?”

“Your child was very brave during their appointment. Our staff is so happy when families have a good visit with us. Would you be willing to jot down a comment about the pediatric visit to encourage other families to adopt us as their provider?”

Try a survey or email to capture dentist testimonials

For busy dentists who are uncomfortable to ask customers directly for testimonials, try an email survey as a follow up to a visit. Thank the patient for their recent visit to your office and ask for feedback about her experience. It helps if you position it as a request to provide the best service to your customers. You can prompt her by asking what she liked about the visit and how you can improve her customer experience going forward.

Make sure you put a disclaimer in the email explaining that positive reviews may be used in print or shared online. Be clear that your patients’ submissions or responses gives you permission to publish their feedback. Ask if you can use their names or if they would prefer their input be published anonymously.

Here are some survey questions you can try:03-Dentist Testimonials- How to Ask for Reviews-01

  • What do you like best about our practice or services?
  • Do you find our staff friendly and approachable?
  • What do you think about our facility and waiting area? What is welcoming about it? What can we improve?
  • How does our staff or facility put you at ease when you visit?
  • Why did you choose our practice as your dental provider?
  • How do we compare to other dentists you have visited?
  • If you could choose one word to describe our practice, what would it be?

Remember, an email is the perfect time to link to your social media where they can post a favorable review.

Do you have any tips on asking for testimonials? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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