How to Design Dental Business Cards That Rake In Leads

Looking for business cards with a bite? Use these design tips for dental business cards created to reel in new patients.

There are over 210,000 practicing dentists in the United States alone. Attracting patients to your practice is the first step to a lasting and healthy relationship for good business and great dental health. Just as every mouth leaves a unique impression, dental business cards do as well. Ensure your impression is a good one.

Whether you practice general dentistry or are an endodontist, oral surgeon, orthodontist, or periodontist, your dental business card is an essential tool in building your brand and your practice. A business card is a small space with a big opportunity to engage others.

Make a lasting impression with your dental business cards

If your business card is unique, compelling, and projects trust and competence, your potential patients are more likely to hold onto it, or to remember your name long-term. Consider these 5 tips when crafting dental business cards with a bite.01-How to Design Dental Business Cards That Rake In Leads-01

1. Make them smile

Humor is always a good way to convey that your practice is friendly and fun. Make it relevant. Consider the impact of, for instance, a pack of sugar on your business card. Caption: “If you like this (arrow pointing to sugar), then you’ll love us! We take the guilt out of guilty pleasures.” There are many ways to make your patients smile, tap into one of them.

2. Don’t fall flat

Tactile or interactive business cards entice people to keep them. If your business cards have folds or cutouts, people will interact with them, unfold them, spend a few seconds exploring the card as opposed to simply glancing at it and putting it away. For instance, if you are an orthodontist, you could create a folded card that would be crooked until you unfolded it and it became “straightened”. With the right messaging, that technique could be very memorable.

Another approach could be to insert a small sample, such as a gum stimulator, into a slit or pocket of your dental business cards. If you give your leads something they can actually use, they’ll be less likely to throw it in the trash.

3. Keepsakes keep them coming

One step further than the tactile or interactive card is to print your business information on a promotional item.02-How to Design Dental Business Cards That Rake In Leads-01

Could your business card actually be a box of dental floss? If it were, wouldn’t your potential patient keep it and use it? How about a packet of gauze with a message about gentle and protective care? There are many ways to express your core values on a related promotional item for longer retention.

4. Break through apprehension

Dentistry is a trade that is perceived with mixed emotions by most people. Think about how your dental business cards, your introduction to a potential patient, can counteract any feelings of anxiety and establish trust.

Are you using colors that are calming and tranquil? Does your mission statement or messaging give the recipient confidence in your practice? Not sure what colors are calming? Pantone, the color design experts, offers easy advice to digest.

5. Reflect to attract

Your dental business cards are a reflection of what you offer, so make sure they accurately represent your practice to new, undecided patients.

Are you pediatric-friendly? If so, your card should be kid-friendly and fun. Are you high tech? If so, try a see-through card or a card that relays modern innovation with metallic ink or a holograph, a bright white surface or a unique material.

Are you about being comfortable and pain-free? Maybe try a soft felt card that can be used as a fidget tool to comfort anxious patients. Are you about results? How can your card communicate that? Perhaps it has pinholes to demonstrate beginnings of cavities and early detection, or it has floss to encourage prevention.03-How to Design Dental Business Cards That Rake In Leads-01

Use your business cards to stand out from other practices

If you have an average, run-of-the-mill business card, people will think you have an average, run-of-the-mill practice. A little ingenuity and time spent to communicate your value to your audience goes a long way. If you are unsure how to go about that, find a designer to provide you with ideas that are unique to you and to your dental business.

What examples of unique dental business cards have you seen?
 Let us know what your’s looks like in the comments.

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