Mastering Dental Pamphlets & Learning How to Create, Buy, or Outsource

When was the last time you rebranded your dental pamphlets? Out with the old, and in with the new.

You’ve been working on your dental website, social media presence, and even creating dental videos to get the attention of your local patient-base. So what’s your next step? Where do you concentrate your marketing efforts? It’s time to focus on print marketing. Do you know how to master dental pamphlets?

Every office has a dental pamphlet, but not every pamphlet will drive patients to your practice. Whether you put together your own, use a template, or pay someone to design this essential marketing tool for you, there are a few things you can do to ensure your dental pamphlet is on-target and wins you patients.

Know what differentiates you

Whichever way you develop your materials, the most important thing to do up front is to define your brand and to hone your messaging. To truly attract and retain patients, you need to be clear on what your practice offers, reinforce trust, and make an emotional connection with your audience.

If you can’t articulate why someone should choose your practice over another, your dental pamphlet also won’t be able to do that for you. Nail your message and your value proposition up-front and use that language to drive response.

Once you grab them, keep them

Your value proposition is your headline, the first impression, your introduction to prospects. Once you have their interest, you need get them in the door by effectively organizing the rest of your messaging. Here’s how:01-Mastering Dental Pamphlets & Learning How to Create, Buy, or Outsource-01

  • Clearly outline your services: Your patients have needs to be met. Make sure your audience can tell you offer what they need at a quick glance. Bulleted lists are convenient and effective.
  • Develop trust and establish expertise
: Dental facts, credentials, testimonials from existing patients, tips and advice are elements of a dental pamphlet that can lend credibility to your practice and can counteract any feelings of anxiety or doubt over whether your practice is the right fit.
  • Close the deal
: Don’t leave room for any lingering questions or hesitation. Include all essential information so your patient can make an educated decision, for example: location, hours of operation, and what insurance plans you accept.

Use compelling language

Emotionally-charged words help your prospect to identify with what you have to offer. Convenient hours of operation, a calming environment, affordable care: all are examples of how you can choose precise wording to attract patients.

You could have instead said that you’re open early or late, that you have a nice décor and chairs, or that your services are competitively-priced. Which sounds better?

Stand behind your brand

  • If you’re an oral surgeon, for instance, and your brand focuses on competence, your messaging could highlight your capability and results. Testimonials are very effective in this case.02-Mastering Dental Pamphlets & Learning How to Create, Buy, or Outsource-01
  • If you’re a pediatric dentist and your brand is about friendliness, your messaging can be lighter and can include humor to establish rapport with parents.
  • If you’re practice specializes in cosmetic procedures, and your brand focuses on feeling good and looking good, your messaging can be aspirational. Before-and-after examples are helpful.
  • If you have a family practice and your brand is about preventative care, your messaging should be about wellness.
  • Try not to be all things to everyone, it waters down your unique value proposition to prospects. If your practice is truly a Jack-of-all-trades one-stop-shop, lead with that benefit and focus on the convenience factor and your extensive list of services.

How to create, buy, or outsource dental pamphlets

Once your messaging is on-target, your dental pamphlets are ready to be designed. All you need to do next is organize your crucial messaging in an easy, clear manner. Keep paragraphs short, use bullets whenever possible, and include relevant and engaging imagery that reinforces your brand.

Design option #1: Do it yourself. There may be instances where someone on your staff has design skills and can put together a dental pamphlet for you, however, this approach isn’t recommended unless you have someone with proven talent available.

Design option #2: Use a template! If someone in your dental office has the computer skills, there are many dental pamphlet templates available online. Choose one that fits your content, and (yes, we’ll say it again) your brand. All you need to do from there is populate with your colors, messaging, and imagery.

Design option #3: Hire someone. Your dental pamphlet is a critical prospecting and retention piece, worth a small investment for positive results. A graphic designer can bring your practice to life visually. If you need help crafting the right language to communicate your brand, hire a copywriter to make your messaging the most compelling it can be.03-Mastering Dental Pamphlets & Learning How to Create, Buy, or Outsource-01

An amateur pamphlet will give the impression of an amateur dentist. Hit the mark with your marketing materials and score a dental pamphlet that wins over patients.

Don’t stop there

Use your stellar pamphlet and content to reinforce your brand online and on other marketing materials. Consistent messaging and imagery creates synergy and instills confidence in those who are experiencing your brand through multiple touchpoints.

Remember, content is key. If you differentiate yourself, connect with your audience, define your unique value proposition, clearly outline your services and expertise, include all pertinent information, use compelling language, and stand behind your brand, your dental pamphlet is sure to engage new prospects and build your business.

Have you ever asked your patients what they think your unique value proposition is? Try it! You may be pleasantly surprised by what you learn, then you can use it when creating your practice’s dental pamphlets.

Do you have any additional tips for assigning dental pamphlets? Let us know in the comments.

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