The 101 On Social Media for Dentists Looking to Reach New Patients

Social media for dentists shouldn’t be scary. It’s easy to make a place for your practice online.

So you manage a busy, yet somewhat small dental practice. It’s your responsibility to create and handle the social media for dentists in your office. In your most recent office meeting, reports showed that business is a bit stagnant, and the entire team decided that a sincere focus should be made on attracting and engaging with prospective customers on all social media platforms.

But where should you start?

Twitter for dentists

Twitter is a smart way to reach new prospects, especially if you plan your character count well and use location-specific hashtags.

Here are the simple facts on for utilizing Twitter: for each Tweet you share, you have 140 characters available for your message. In those characters, you can include searchable hashtags, such as #dentalhealth or #dentaltips. Hashtags also work in your favor when used in your bio section. Including location identifiers such as #BostonDentist or #LAEndodontist helps new patients find the practice, as long as other dentists are using those hashtags, too. You can find out by going to Twitter and searching for different hashtags.

So, what should you be sharing on this fast-moving network? Twitter is a great platform to share links to blog posts you’ve written or articles by dental insurance or product companies. We’ve also seen dentists include before and after cosmetic restorations, and many dentists use the hashtag #DentalTip to share useful information.

Facebook for dentists

With over 1.71 billion monthly users, you’re bound to find a handful of new patients on Facebook. By creating a Facebook page for your practice, you’re increasing your visibility to the people in your community.

Because Facebook allows for a much higher character count, there’s more space for storytelling. Use it! Facebook is ideal for sharing testimonials from current patients. While everyone else is sharing #ThrowBackThursday posts, you can post #TestimonialThursdays, featuring happy patients. They’ll see the posts, share them on their own networks, and their acquaintances in need of dental care will reach out to you.

Just don’t forget to share more content on other days of the week. Pictures, videos, blog posts, quotes, or even just questions to get your followers to engage are great options for nurturing your Facebook Page.

You can be funny, like this dentist:

dentist social media

Promote before and after images, like this dentist:

dentist social media

Or re-share testimonials like this dentist:

dental social media

YouTube for dentists

With over a billion users, YouTube is another smart platform to exercise social media for dentists. Why? Well, not only is your video content available and searchable on YouTube, but it’s easily shared to any other social platform and can be embedding into blogs or in other areas of your website. According to Google, “searches related to ‘how to’ on YouTube are growing 70% year over year, and more than 100 million hours of how-to content have been watched in North America so far this year.”02-The 101 On Social Media for Dentists Looking to Reach New Patients-01

So how can you leverage this momentum? First, create and upload videos of your practice and employees. Next, utilize your staff’s know-how and  film “how to” videos. The options are endless. People are wondering how to brush their toddler’s teeth and how to use a water flosser, among many other topics.

Be the expert.

And don’t stop at simply uploading the clips to YouTube. Once they’re there, share them with your followers on all social media channels, email newsletters, and especially on your own website.

Below is an example of a dentist who regularly posts answers to common questions that dental patients ask online.

And here is an example of a dentist who is using YouTube to publish testimonial videos:

Pinterest and Instagram for dentists

When it comes to teeth, seeing is believing, which is why Pinterest and Instagram can draw new patients into your office.

We could argue that anything you can take a picture of would work well on Pinterest and Instagram, and that’s true. Share pictures of your front office staff at work, your waiting room during busy and slow times, your hygienists in their offices, and your dentists interacting with patients.

However, here’s one way to prove you’re a great dentist in one social share: before-and-after pictures. Take one photo of your patient’s smile before their treatment – whether that be veneers or teeth whitening – and then a photo after you’ve completed your work. A collage of both pictures together speaks volumes, and can be sent out quickly.

One last thing: these tips on using social media for dentists will also help keep your current clientele engaged. Don’t forget to connect with your current and past patients, too.03-The 101 On Social Media for Dentists Looking to Reach New Patients-01

Social media for dentists: Tips to consider before joining any platforms

  • Make yourself as accessible as you can be. It should be easy for patients and prospects to find you online. One way to do this is by using the same name across all social platforms. Don’t be “Jefferson Family Dental” on YouTube, but “Jefferson Dental” on Twitter.
  • Be as clear and upfront as possible. Make sure all relevant information is accessible and easy to find once someone has found you. That includes your location address, phone number, email, and office hours.
  • Keep your social media posts related to the dental industry. It’s one thing to share motivational quotes every once in a while with your followers, but it’s entirely different to post pictures of your most recent vacation. Be personable, but remember that this is not your personal page.

What tips would you share on social media for dentists looking to expand? Let us know in the comments!

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