Amazing Dental Advertising Ideas To Get Patients Through the Door

Having a slump in production? Attract more patients to your practice. These 6 dental advertising ideas will get you on the right track

There is always room to think beyond your in-house dental marketing. There are businesses, publications, and media outlets that have direct access to your target audiences. Paying these third parties to distribute your sales messaging is an essential piece of your marketing mix. However, coming up with good dental advertising ideas isn’t enough; you need to research and put together a strategy.

Dental advertising has evolved. Dental practices have options online and offline. But it’s not always easy to think outside the box with your dental advertising ideas. Most importantly, you need to consider which methods best target your audience. If you want your practice to grow as a result of your ads, start thinking like a marketer.

Our top 6 dental advertising ideas to catch the attention of future patients

1. Get in front search engines


In the online advertising field, one method rules the land: pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Why is it so effective? You target “keywords” your audience is searching for online through Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.

For instance, you can bid on keywords such as “dentists near Norfolk, V.A.” When potential clients search for that term, your ad shows as a result of that search. If a person clicks on your ad, you pay a certain amount per each click.

Tips for getting in front of your audience online

  • Hire a freelance copywriter to create a well-written, catchy, benefit-driven advertisement.
  • Research tips on PPC advertising.
  • Look into other forms of SEO marketing to increase web traffic.

2. Have presence on the websites your audience visits

Utilize space on local businesses’ websites to advertise your practice. Much like seeing an ad in a newspaper or magazine, “banner” ads are located on a web page.

Depending on the business, there may be an in-house art department that will create the advertisement for you. If not, you will need to hire a good copywriter and graphic designer to create the ad. Don’t ignore quality and smart targeting. Invest your money in creating the best ad.

How to start advertising online:

  • Find a local business, community, or publication that provides space for banner ads.
  • Think like a marketer: are your potential patients visiting these websites? What pages do they spend time on?
  • If there is not an in-house marketing team, hire a professional to create your ad.

3. Become a community advocate


Sponsorships are an excellent way to advertise your practice. You’re accomplishing two goals:

  1. Showing support for the community (gaining trust with patients)
  2. Getting your name in front of the right people.

This strategy is even more effective when the community effort is focused on health. Minor league sports teams and children’s health fundraisers are great starting points for dental advertising ideas.

Tips for advertising in the community:

  • Pick a cause you want to support. Consider the target audience and marketing outreach.
  • Create a memorable brand logo and message to include for every piece of sponsored material.
  • If it works, select another demographic and repeat the process!

4. Have a journalist advertise for you

Newspapers and magazines offer a unique form of article-based advertising. The content is an article about your practice, and may even include a customer testimonial. The article is sponsored and paid for by you. On a website, this is referred to as a “native ad.” In print, it’s called an “advertorial.”

What to consider when purchasing an advertorial:

  • Choose a publication that best targets your audience.
  • Hire a writer to plan the content for you and write it.
  • Make the article interesting—include an interview or testimonial with a good story.

5. Spread the word over traditional media—it still works!

dental advertising ideas

You always have T.V. and radio at the end of the day. Although the targeting will be less accurate than, say, PPC advertising, these traditional methods spread the word. They keep your practice on the minds of potential patients.

What to think of when considering traditional media:

  • Make your ads benefit-driven. Share an offer they will call about.
  • Provide incentives for people to consider your offer.
  • Always make it easy for people to take action!

6. Show up in their mailbox

Believe it or not, direct mail is still one of the best dental advertising ideas. Postcards, for example, are an easy way to spread the word about your current promotions. USPS offers distribution to businesses targeting specific neighborhoods and demographics. Create a postcard with a good offer and eye-catching images, and you will undoubtedly receive a few calls!

How to find your way into your future clients mailboxes:

  • USPS offers Every Door Direct Mail, where businesses select routes online and pay for direct-mail distribution.
  • Create postcards, newsletters, promotional letters, etc.
  • Include a QR code, call to action, and redeemable coupons. Give people an easy way to respond!

Focus your dental advertising ideas with a sharp marketing mentality

Remember that advertising is one leg of marketing. Above all, you have to understand your target audience. Where are they visiting? Who do they support? What do they read? Your dental advertising ideas should have a sharp focus on audience research. And don’t be afraid to hire help along the way (copywriters, graphic artists, photographers).

What’s your opinion? Do you have any dental advertising ideas to add to the mix? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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