How New Dentistry Technology Makes Dentists More Money

Have you leveraged new dentistry technology for higher revenues? Cloud-based management software will vitalize your bottom line!

Every dental practice relies on modern technology. Whether it be digital x-ray machines, intra-oral cameras, or even computers, these tools make a noticeable difference in efficiency and service quality. But what about directly influencing production and revenues? What new tools are helping your practice grow? Here’s a new dentistry technology for you: cloud-based management software, specially designed for dental practices.

At the end of the day, your practice is a business. Scheduling, record keeping, treatment planning, reporting, billing—all of these tasks are essential to success. So why not centralize everything under one roof for a smoother operation?

Cloud-based management: new dentistry technology for your practice

Your practice is a machine with many moving parts. Everything must work in tandem. But it’s easy to feel outstretched when each task has different methods. With cloud-based software, there is full-fledged integration. Everything you need to manage, from billing to treatment plans, is organized in one place.

But how does that influence your growth? What are the main features in this new dentistry technology? Here are a few highlights:

  • Less time spent on training staff
  • HIPAA-compliant storage
  • 24/7/365 access
  • Customer service reminders
  • Online payments
  • Patient reviews
  • E-prescriptions delivery
  • X-ray and camera imaging

The 5 features to keep production healthy and wealthy

1. Intuitive scheduling


One thing essential to increasing production is your appointment schedule. We don’t give enough credit to the importance of a well-oiled scheduling system. It keeps staff members on the same page, organizes daily workflow, and fills more seats (cha-ching!).

With cloud-based management software, everything is customizable. You can access the scheduling tool from any computer, click and drag appointments, and make notes, too.

  • Click and drag appointments into new slots
  • Color-coded tabs and icons for specific procedures
  • Easy patient-provider assignments
  • Allow patients to choose time slots remotely

2. Real-time analytics and reporting

Do you know how your practice is performing? Can you view your production-to-collection ratios? These are the analytics available with our new dentistry technology. You have instant access to customizable reports that give unique insights into your practice.

  • View your performance on daily, monthly, yearly basis (and more)
  • Know where your practice stands on claims, referrals, collections, etc.
  • Intuitive dental business solutions and insights

3. Detailed employee management


Back-of-house management is paramount for dental practices. Our cloud-based software provides in-depth features to keep your billing and payroll running smoothly. It also integrates with several types of software, making the transition easy and painless.

You can also view performance reports for employees and schedule their vacation time in one place.

  • Daily employee time card management
  • Goal setting features to keep staff on track
  • Receive and respond to vacation requests

4. Chair-side treatment planning

Make your treatment planning easy to communicate with patients. Our software’s charting system allows employees to add procedures, conditions, and notes instantly. Upload X-ray and camera images and store them within the system as well. Our smart ADA code filtering system allows for customized treatment plans.

  • Touch screen functionality for iPads, laptops, and mobile phones
  • 24/7 access to treatment plans for patients
  • Clinical and perio charting

5. Patient engagement

new dentistry technology

New dentistry technology allows for greater patient care both inside and outside the office. Your employees will have the tools to properly manage relationships. Patient families are ordered together, allowing for better awareness of insurance plans.

Reminders are sent out via mobile text or email. Patients can easily use the software to write reviews, too! Use these testimonials as marketing assets for your website, social media, and more.

Bring your practice to a new level with modern solutions

Consider for a moment all the different systems you have in place within your practice. Scheduling, billing, insurance claims, payroll—wouldn’t you like to have these tidied up in one intuitive program? Increasing your revenue doesn’t exactly come from acquiring more patients; it’s more about proper management.

We’d like to know your opinion. How do you feel management affects production? Share your thoughts! 

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