How Treatment Planning in Dentistry Can Be Easily Digitized

Treatment planning in dentistry is the backbone of healthy production—why manage it on paper? Digital tools unlock higher levels of efficiency

Think about all the treatments you have going right now. They’re all at different stages—some just diagnosed, others on the last procedure. Treatment planning in dentistry is a lot to keep track of, especially when the records are paper-based. As we move into the digital age, appointment software alone won’t cut it. Digitizing your entire process in a dentist-specific CRM brings you ahead of the curve.

Going digital helps your staff and benefits your patients. Your billing procedures are simplified. You save costs on paper, and you can access treatment plans on hand-held devices. To top it off, our services are affordable and easy to integrate with your current structure.

Treatment planning in dentistry: the benefits of going digital with a cloud-based CRM

So let’s say you have a new patient that needs a procedure, and you walk them through the treatment planning process. With a dental CRM like Umbie, you have the tools to run a successful plan from start to finish.

Scheduling for a consultation, diagnosis, and procedures

01-How Treatment Planning in Dentistry Can Be Easily Digitized-01We’ve written many times about how important scheduling is for healthy production levels. It’s also one of the main components of a successful treatment plan. You might have CRM software for your practice, but is it truly working for your best interests?

Consider all the different scheduling efforts for just one patient in treatment

  • Initial consultation
  • Diagnosis and discussing options
  • Procedure appointment
  • Follow-up care

Umbie has a scheduling feature where patients can request time slots and re-schedule online. The click-and-drag features make it easy to change or set an appointment. Plus, you can make notes within the time slots, so everyone is on the same page.

Educating your patient about treatment options

When the time comes to discuss options with your patient, it’s a lot easier to educate them with digital material and visuals. With our cloud-based software, you can present clinical charts, x-rays, and videos on tablets and hand-held devices.
02-How Treatment Planning in Dentistry Can Be Easily Digitized-01

Walk the patient through each phase of the process while they lie in the chair. You input the procedures and schedule right then and there.

Approving the treatment plan and billing insurance

Umbie makes finalizing treatment planning in dentistry easy to do. We give your patients a chance to look at the schedule, procedures, and estimated costs before it goes to your billing person.

Finally, billing the insurance company is easier with the software. A fully digitized claims process will help your practice get paid faster. You can keep the patient ledger within the system and electronically bill him or her after the procedure.

Keeping track of treatment planning in dentistry-specific tools

Umbie is a versatile tool, but perhaps the most crucial benefit is keeping everything in one place. Our treatment planning feature is catered to your needs as a dentist or specialist. You no longer have to spend hours upon hours filing, faxing, and scanning print documents.

When a patient walks into your office, everything you need is within the CRM. If you change the date for a procedure, you can do it easily with several devices (even out of the office, if you need to).

  • No more paper trails and costly mistakes from misfiling.
  • All your treatment plans, notes, and dates in one place.03-How Treatment Planning in Dentistry Can Be Easily Digitized-01
  • Billing, invoicing, and claims made electronically (and can sync with Quickbooks).

Treatment planning in dentistry can be easily digitized with one cloud-based CRM tool

There’s a change happening in the dental industry. Practices are leaving paper-based filing, billing, and treatment planning. Not only does Umbie help practices work more efficiently, but it also makes the patient experience more rewarding. If you want to keep your production growing, think about making the transition

How have you handed treatment planning in this digital age? Let us know in the comments.

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