A HIPAA Dental Overview for Office Managers

Six HIPAA dental best practices that will keep your business compliant As a dental office manager, you have seen these papers a hundred times. Whenever a new patient arrives, you hand them the HIPAA consent forms, then ten minutes later they hand them back signed. Maybe they skimmed the page, maybe they didn’t. Those signatures, however, are…

00-Dentist Testimonials- How to Ask for Reviews-01

Dentist Testimonials: How to Ask for Reviews from Your Customers Without Being Pushy

Dentist testimonials will promote your practice better than any paid advertising. Prospective patients rely on other people’s positive experiences to give them comfort about choosing a dentist. They want to know that others in their community who have been serviced by you found value in your people and practice. Dentist testimonials can help you attract untouched prospects, land a referral,…

00-How to Write PPC Ads for a Cosmetic Dental Design Practice-01

How to Write PPC Ads for a Cosmetic Dental Design Practice

Find out how your cosmetic dental design practice can benefit from paid advertising online. Let’s talk about your marketing. Whether you specialize in cosmetic dental design, orthodontics, or general dentistry, you have to get your practice in front of possible patients.  If you’ve been following along, you already have a large toolbox of marketing ideas….

00-What to Include on a Dental Treatment Consent Form-01

What to Include on a Dental Treatment Consent Form

Your dental treatment consent form is a legal document, but it shouldn’t read like one. When you create or update your dental treatment consent form, keep it simple. Your standard consent form can cover any number of procedures, but you can also easily adapt a simple form to include any specific treatments if you need to….

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